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The Palazzo Madama bookshop is on the ground floor, access is free during museum opening hours.
In case of extraordinary events, white nights, holidays, the times may vary, check the news section for the latest updates.

telefono: +39 011 8115537

The bookshop is in the free access area, near the museum exit, in a room that housed the director's office in the old museum. This is a space specialized in the sector of art editions, where it is possible to purchase the museum's catalogs and publications (conference proceedings, exhibitions, monographs, collection guides) from the 1960s to the present day. The bookshop also offers a wide selection of Italian and foreign books, which have a particular link with the museum collections and with the artistic history of Turin and Piedmont, and which provide essential tools for research and study. An important section for children offers a constantly updated catalogue, with Italian and foreign publications of recognized pedagogical value.

In the bookshop you can also buy magnets, greeting cards, postcards, pencils, candles, games with images and other keepsakes of the museum.

Crystals of Light

The large Murano crystal chandelier (3.50 m high x 2.40 m in diameter) dates back to around 1920 and was purchased in 1927 for the “Stucchi Room” (now the Guards Room). The work proposes an eighteenth-century model called "Rezzonico" in homage to the progenitor of the series, a chandelier designed and created by Giuseppe Briati (Murano 1686 - Venice 1772) for the palace that the Rezzonico family owned in Venice on the Grand Canal. The chandelier of Palazzo Madama, with its 46 lights, follows the Rezzonico model in the architecture with supporting arms without a central shaft. The metal structure is covered with elements in blown and gilded glass: the individual pieces are made of “rigadin” glass, i.e. with longitudinal or spiral streaks, interspersed with swollen connecting elements; above, a crowning of flowers and leaves.

The chandelier, dismantled in 2003, was reassembled in 2007 after a long restoration process that encompassed the following steps:

  • inventory and photographic survey
  • cleaning and technical analysis 
  • restoration of the plaster grouting in the support cups
  • pre-assembly of the backbones
  • wiring 

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