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Discover the activities of our Education Department at Palazzo Madama

Located in the heart of Turin, Palazzo Madama is one of Piedmont’s greatest landmarks and embodies the history of the city and the identity of its citizens. A cultural and social space, where art has not only the value of beauty and where the Museum acts as a guardian of time,Palazzo Madama becomes a tool of wellbeing, community, and exchange.

A deep-dive into the past to acknowledge the skill of crafting materials and giving shape to objects of great beauty and technical mastery. The magnificent Medieval Botanical Garden, a green space in the heart of Turin, offers first-hand contact with an exemplary environment to learn more about the unbreakable bonds between nature and culture. During the year, our Education Department offers many activities specifically designed for all ages and segments of society: schools, adults, families, teachers, individuals with disabilities.

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Palazzo Madama offers workshops and special itineraries for school children according to age that allow them to learn about one of Turin’s landmarks, its art collections, and the magnificent medieval garden, a green space in the heart of the city.
The education project InOnda exposes children to art at school with a teacher, or digitally from home for remote learning.



During the year, the Education Department offers many training activities for teachers, tourist guides, and professionals.



Visiting the Museum with children is a unique experience.


Young people

The Education Department offers PCTO (former work-related learning programs) opportunities with secondary schools (second level) and internships with universities and training centers across Italy and Europe.


Summer camps

During the summer and at other times of the year when school is not in session, Palazzo Madama offers at its summer camps creative workshops and guided tours, which offer participants direct contact with our heritage of beauty and art.



Conferences, art history classes, and workshops designed for adults are held by our in-house staff or visiting professors thanks to an important network of contacts and collaborations on research projects with museums and universities in Italy and abroad.



Palazzo Madama is one of Italy’s most modernized museums as regards accessibility: in addition to workshops for day care centers and associations that support individuals with sensory and mental disabilities, over the years the Museum has also developed material that may be used and enjoyed independently by people with disabilities during their visit.