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Africa. Le collezioni dimenticate at Musei Reali

A large group of works from Palazzo Madama were loaned to the Musei Reali for the exhibition "Africa. The forgotten collections", from 27 October 2023 to 25 February 2024.

The works on loan are:

  • Democratic Republic of Congo-Kuba, Three Rooms, before 1938, wood and metal, 27x15 cm; 19.6x12; 19x9.5, inv. 70/SM; 58/SM-59/SM.
  • Dem. Republic of Congo, Rattle (anklet)/crackle/bell for livestock, before 1938, Vegetable fibers and shells, 7x54.5 cm, inv. 42/SM
    Democratic Republic of Congo, Rattle, Dried fruit, 66.5x10x4 cm, inv. 56/SM
  • Congo, Luba-Kuba and Brazil, Teke? Two drums, wood, leather, vegetable fibres, 91cm x diam. 27 and 52x diam 16, inv. 55/SM and 54/SM
  • Democratic Republic of Congo/Angola, Lunda/Chowke, Female statuette, before 1938, Wood 32 cm, inv. top. 1855
  • Congo, Luba (Shakandi) Male statuette, before 1938, Wood 22 cm, inv. top. 358
  • Congo and Angola, Ciokwe, Simple wooden comb, before 1938, Wood, 20 cm, inv. top. 1859
  • Congo, Songe, Headrest, before 1938, Wood, 13.5x15 cm, inv. top. 349
  • Congo, Songe, Headrest, before 1938, Wood, 12.5x17.4 cm, inv. top. 347
  • Congo, Luba-Songe, Headrest, before 1938, Wood 13.7x13 cm, inv. top. 348


The itinerary is divided into five sections which document Turin's relations with Congo, Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia and current Libya in the age of the Scamble for Africa: explorers and adventurers, technicians and engineers active for the administration of the Belgian Congo, Italian penetration into the Horn of Africa, visits and diplomatic relations with kings and princes of the House of Savoy, up to the colonial occupation.

From the Musei Reali website, accessedin March 2024.