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Ter Brugghen. Dall’Olanda all’Italia sulle orme di Caravaggio at the Gallerie Estensi

From 13 October 2023 to 14 January 2024 Palazzo Madama lent some works to the Gallerie Estensi in Modena for the exhibition “Ter Brugghen. From Holland to Italy in the footsteps of Caravaggio".

The paintings loaned are:

  • C. Procaccini, Abraham and the three angels, oil on canvas, 209x132.5 cm, inv. 577/D
  • Giovanni Serodine, Saint Jerome, circa 1630, oil on canvas, 66.7x50.5 cm, inv. 584/D


The first major Italian exhibition dedicated to the Dutch painter Hendrick ter Brugghen (1588 – 1629) which traces the artist's extraordinary stay in our country, a stay which indelibly marked the imprint of his painting. The discovery of the Italian phase of Ter Brugghen is a recent event. Although it was known that the painter had resided in Rome and Italy for at least six or seven years, between approximately 1607-1608 and 1614, studies had not explored this youthful period in depth, which instead, like all the experiences lived by Nordic painters in the papal capital, could be hypothesized as crucial for his path.

Curated by Gianni Papi and Federico Fischetti the exhibition will present the very important results of the most recent research on Ter Brugghen, bringing together all the works  belonging to the artist's Italian phase, which ranks him among the protagonists of the first naturalistic movement resulting from the Caravaggio revolution: a alongside Ribera and the other participants in Michelangelo Merisi's "schola", namely Bartolomeo Manfredi, Cecco del Caravaggio and Spadarino.

From the Gallerie Estensi website, accessed in March 2024.